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With our "Galactic" Headquarters located in Farmington Hills Michigan - we appreciate our Michigan clients as neighbors as well as partners !


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Natural SEM = Organic SEM

Organic SEM = Ethical SEM

Ethical SEM = Natural SEM

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We Use WhiteHat SEO. We are a Michigan SEO expert. Our Michigan SEO Webdesign uses Dreamweaver CS3 - high quality software from Adobe.

Our Michigan SEO Consultants also has experts on-staff to advise clients on Accounting, Marketing and Business Planning.

Our Michigan SEO Target Marketing technique identifies your customer profiles and matches them with the right keyphrases to build targeted traffic.


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Natural SEO = Organic SEO

Organic SEO = Ethical SEO

Ethical SEO = Natural SEO

Natural SEO and SEM


Organic SEO SEM


What is Natural SEO ?

Natural SEO is short for Natural Search Engine Optimization, or Natural Search Engine Optimisation as our British collegues spell it.


. . . . SEO = Search Engine Optimization

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimization is the website building technique that attempts to make pages attactive not only for human visitors, but also for the search engine spiders that roam the internet.

This optimization can be done in an honest, straight forward way (natural seo). Or it can be done in an attempt to fool visitors for the purpose of achieving high search engine rankings (black hat SEO).

Black Hat SEO does not work in the long run. Only by using Natural strategies will you build long-term website strength and visibility.


What is Natural SEO ?

Natural SEO uses ethical on-page and off-page techniques to present a quality document. Its goal is to bring VISIBILITY to the website. After all, no matter how great your website's quality - Nobody will care if you can't be found. To have a Web Presence - you need to be Found !

On-page optimization includes things like using the right HTML tags and having them correlate with the text, images and other content in the document.

Off-page optimization would include steps such as using precise alt tag text in backlinks, and selection of appropriate directory categories.

So Natural SEO is a combination of things. Explore this website, and we will try to cover many of the techniques necessary in Natural SEO and SEM. And why each is important.


Natural SEO Techniques

A primary goal is to present text that is informative and interesting. It is complemented by images and links which add to the value given to readers.

Natural SEO also makes sure that a complete set of HTML tags is present for each page. But KISS (Keep It So Simple) rules also apply. These tags need to be accurate and highly correlated with the underlying textual and graphical document.

So that readers can access the webpages, page sizes are limited. You cannot present your webpage if readers grow weary and click away.

Natural SEO uses valid HTML or XHTML coding. In addition, where CSS is used - that is validated as well. W3C is the governing body for validation.

So that you are found for exactly the keyphrases that you wish to be - extensive keyword research is done. Each webpage becomes a part of your marketing plan. Each page focuses on one or few aspects of an overall strategy.

Reading levels are tested with Natural SEO. You must ensure that your webpage is understandable by the reader. If you are hoping to attract teens - do not build pages requiring college level reading skills. This is part of "stickiness".

To maximize your chances for attaining high rankings in the Search Engine Results Positioning (SERPs) - your targeted keyphrases are optimized for density, placement, prominence, proximity and positioning.

Headings are used to delineate text for the reader and to highlight indexing for the robots.


What else is Natural SEO called ?

If you are trying to learn more about Natural SEO you may want to search the Web. And it would be useful to query for more than one keyphrase.

There are several other terms for Natural SEO. The long name is Natural Search Engine Optimization. Another title is Organic SEO, which implies the use of a normally evolving construction of your website. Another term is Ethical SEO, which suggests an upfront, honest, non-deceptive method for gaining high search engine placement in the rankings.


Natural SEO = Organic SEO

Organic SEO = Ethical SEO

Ethical SEO = Natural SEO


What is SEM ?

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. And here is how it fits into your overall business plan.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a part of your Marketing Plan.

The Marketing Plan is part of your Business Plan.


SEM deals with more strategies than SEO does. SEO is a subset of SEM. It includes things like Classified Ad placement, Press Release distribution, Reciprocal Link Programs, Social Bookmarking, Paid Submissions and Article Submissions. While Paid Submissions are not a part of Natural SEM - it is not necessarily in conflict with the tactics used by either Natural SEM or Natural SEO.


What is Natural SEM ?

Natural SEM is the portion of your business plan's Marketing plan that deals with the Internet. It includes any techniques, strategies and tactics that market your business in an organic way. In other words - you are building quality to achieve high ranks - not paying somebody to award you high ranks. This is sponsored ranking, and is considered a part of SEM outside of the Natural SEM effort.

With Paid or Sponsored SEM - you keep paying and paying and paying. With Natural SEO and Natural SEM - payment is up-front to achieve quality and ranks. You get high listings because you deserve it - not because you keep paying for them. Cheaper in the long run to use Natural SEO and Natural SEM.


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Natural SEO = Organic SEO

Organic SEO = Ethical SEO

Ethical SEO = Natural SEO